Two Ways Air Cannons Could Financially Benefit Your Food Manufacturing Factory

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If you run a food manufacturing factory, investing in air cannons could financially benefit your factory in several ways. Read on to learn how.

They could help you to make long-term savings by enabling you to reduce staff costs

One way in which an air cannon might improve your factory's finances is by enabling you to reduce your staff costs. Blockages in a factory's food transportation chutes happen all the time, and they must be dislodged immediately to ensure that the food processing tasks that require those ingredients can be carried out in a timely manner. As such, without an air cannon, you may need to have at least one staff member monitoring the chutes all day long and may need to involve multiple staff members in the dislodgement of blockages.

In this situation, strategically fitting air cannons in your chute system and in the areas where blockages have developed in the past could allow you to either reduce the number of staff members you have monitoring the chutes and attending to blockages or to eliminate this job entirely, as the air cannon will keep the contents of the chutes moving in a way that will keep the number of blockages that occur very low and will also be able to dislodge blockages with minimal or no involvement from staff by producing a strong air current that will quickly break apart the items that have become stuck so that the chute's contents can get moving again.

They could reduce the quantity of food that get damaged

Putting some air cannons within your factory's chute system could also help you to make long-term savings by reducing the quantity of food that gets damaged. For example, if you make cereal and the loose cereal pieces are sent through your facility's chutes before they are packaged, any blockages that form in these chutes may result in the cereal pieces crumbling and turning into dust (as most cereal flakes and puffs are quite delicate and will break up when compressed).

Having multiple air cannons in these chutes, which keep the cereal pieces moving so that none of them sit in and accumulate in the chutes to the point where they create blockages, could drastically reduce the quantity of cereal that your staff has to throw away. Over time, this could reduce the money you waste on food products that get destroyed before you can sell them to your customers.

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