What Are the Advantages of Using Metal Broom Brackets?

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If you use traditional wooden yard brooms around your factory, then it's worth checking to see if the brooms have brackets on them or not. These products, also sometimes known as stays, connect a broom's handle to the brush head.

If you don't currently use these metal broom brackets, it might be worth putting some on. Why?

Get Better Broom Control

If you use a broom around your factory and yard, then it gets a regular workout. The older your broom gets and the more you use it, the more it wears.

This isn't just about the head's bristles wearing down, the broom's handle can also develop problems. For example, the handle's wood might rub against the hole. It is supposed to sit tightly in this hole; however, this won't always work if the hole gets too big or the handle end reduces in size even just a little bit.

This kind of wear can make a broom harder to use. If the handle is loose or wobbly, then you lose some control. You may push the broom more forcefully to try to keep it in one piece. However, if you push too hard on the broom, the head may come away from the handle.

If you add a metal bracket to the broom, then the bracket holds the handle in place. It clamps it to the head. This gives you an extra-secure connection that holds the broom together and makes it easier to use.

Reduce Broom Replacement Costs

Without bracket support, you may find that you have to regularly replace your yard brooms or buy new parts for them. For example, if your broom handle won't stay in its hole, then you may need a new handle or a new head to get the broom working again.

If you have to put extra pressure on the broom to keep a loose handle in place, then the bristles will generally wear down more quickly. So, you may need to buy a replacement head to give the broom an adequate brushing ability again.

If you put a bracket on the broom, then it is likely to last longer. The bracket strengthens the connection between the handle and the head. It reduces wear and damage. Plus, if the broom is more stable, it is easier to use which could reduce damage to its bristles.

To find out more about suitable metal broom bracket products, contact your equipment supplier.

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