3 Reasons Startups Need to Hire Scissor Lifts with Mobile Control Features

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A scissor lift is indispensable when working at height—it is among the best device for such tasks. It is for this reason that scissor lifts have become a quintessential piece of equipment in many industries. However, while established companies can afford to buy scissor lifts, renting is the only appropriate option for startups that don't have financial muscle. Notably, it is best to choose a scissor lift hire that comes with mobile control features. It is arguably the latest technology in the scissor lift sector, and the know-how is becoming popular for a good reason. This article highlights reasons you should hire a scissor lift that you can control with a mobile app.  

No Idle Time

A top priority of startup companies is to achieve maximum efficiency, and it starts with equipment use. Therefore, for every hour or day that rental scissors lift stays idle, the business is losing money. It usually happens with a scissor lift that requires the physical presence of qualified staff to operate the equipment manually. However, it becomes problematic to put a scissor lift to use if qualified personnel is not present, for instance, because of sickness. However, it is easy for other knowledgeable and savvy staffs to learn a mobile application's control. It ensures that there is always someone capable of controlling the scissor lift when the need arises. Ultimately, the technology ensures rental scissor lifts don't stand idle thus increasing overall productivity.

Saves Time During Scissor Lift Positioning

Positioning a scissor lift is essential for any work that is done at height. The longer an operator takes to position the scissor lift the less productive the equipment becomes. With manually operated scissor lifts, operators have to consider safety and the surrounding, and the divided attention increases the time it takes to complete a project. You, however, do not have to worry about this issue with the mobile application control feature on modern scissors lift. Since the operator can control the scissor lift from a distance using the mobile app, you can keep a safe distance from potential mishaps. It allows you to focus on the proper positioning of the scissor lift.

Ease of Loading and Unloading 

Loading and unloading scissor lifts on and off a truck can be an exhausting task especially if you are dealing with several manual rental scissor lifts. While several operators can load or unload the manual scissor lifts within a short time, it is a less efficient use of human resource. Alternatively, one operator can unload or load several scissor lifts, but they will take a long time. With mobile control features, it is possible for one operator to control several scissor lifts simultaneously without getting tired.

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