The Three Crucial Aspects You Should Look For When Buying A Lawn Mower

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Australians love to garden, and spending time in the yard could almost be considered a national pastime. Perhaps the most important aspect of any garden is getting the foundations right, and there is no more important building block in the construction of a good garden than a well-kept lawn. That consequently makes the humble lawn mower perhaps the most important tool in the shed of any would-be green thumbs. However, the process of buying a lawn mower can be overwhelming, especially for novice gardeners. There are three definitive characteristics you should look for when buying a lawn mower.

Adjustable Height

The problem with cheap lawn mowers is that they very often don't have an adjustable height. If they do, the adjustable heights aren't spaced out well. When buying a lawn mower, you should always look at how many adjustable levels it has. The general rule of thumb is that you want as many options as possible when gardening, so the more adjustable levels the better. Don't be suckered into buying a lawn mower which has no height customisability — this will only lead to frustration later on.

Sturdy Build

Lawn mowers will go through a lot of wear and tear simply by doing the job they were built to do. You want to buy a lawn mower that's up to scratch, especially the parts of the machine that have direct contact with the ground — specifically the wheels, the blade and the engine housing unit. You want a lot of metal in your construction, and seeing a lot of plastic is always a red flag. Also, remember that not all metal is created equal. Some lawn mowers may look sturdy, but you should check what they are actually made out of.

Technical Specifications

When buying a lawn mower, it is important to get one that suits your needs. If you only have a small, suburban backyard, then you do not need a ride-on mower. In fact, a ride-on will probably make your work harder and keep you from getting into the little nooks and crannies. When buying a lawn mower, you must understand what you need it to accomplish and then find the lawn mower that fulfils most of your needs. Remember that you do not need gimmicks like an engine with the power of a car or a lawn mower that can move at 40 kilometres an hour. These gimmicks are useless and designed to trick unwitting customers. Think about what you need and get a nice, basic lawn mower that will last you longer than any current trends in the gardening industry. 

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