3 Essential Accessories to Order Alongside a Rental Scissor Lift

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You should not underestimate your role as a facility manager in a newly established warehouse in Australia's supply chain. Every decision you make from the moment the warehouse begins to operate has an impact on the facility's efficiency and that of the entire Australian entire food chain. One such crucial decision is choosing what accessories to include when hiring a scissor lift. While most facility managers will be satisfied with hiring a scissor lift as is, you should explore a bit. For instance, rental firms stock accessories that can go a long way in enhancing the safety of warehouse employees under your supervision. Most importantly, you get the accessories at no extra charge. Therefore, why not take advantage of such an opportunity? This article highlights accessories you should request when hiring a scissor lift.

Flood Lamps -- It is a requirement that warehouses have as much natural and artificial light as possible. It ensures that aisles and shelves are well illuminated which helps to prevent potential accidents. However, issues that are out of your control such as unscheduled power outages or electrical problems might force you to shut off a rental scissor lift and abandon work until the lights are back. With every passing minute that the equipment is not operational, the productivity of your facility reduces considerably. It is for this reason that you should request a rental firm to accessorise the scissor lift with flood lamps. The lamps provide enough illumination, thereby allowing continuity of operations.

Flashing Beacons -- Another vital accessory that is required when working with a scissor lift in a facility with poor lighting is a flashing beacon. For instance, a 24-hour operational warehouse needs as much artificial light as possible during night hours. Nevertheless, high shelves coupled with stacks of boxes can block some areas from receiving adequate lighting. In such circumstances, flashing beacons are essential since they provide a visual notification of a moving rental scissor lift. Other scissor lit operators and employees can keep a safe distance and prevent accidents that result from poorly illuminated spots inside the warehouse.

Pipe Cradles -- Since industrial warehouses can store all manner of industrial supplies such as pipes and conduits, the space on a lift platform might not be enough for productivity purposes. Therefore, depending on the amount of supplies that warehouse employees need to retrieve from high shelves, the staffs might have to make several trips on a scissor lift. Pipe cradles are a favourite scissor lift accessory that can assist in such cases. They pipes allow warehouse employees to place materials on the outside of a scissor lift platform, thereby conserving platform space. Ultimately, pipe cradles help to reduce trip hazards that are common with overloaded scissor lift platforms.

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