Latest Boom Lift Accessories to Include in Your Boom Lift Rental Firm

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Boom lifts are versatile machines for elevated work stations. From window cleaning foresting, electrical cables repair and installation of signs and décor, boom lifts are the go-to equipment for most works at height. Therefore, starting a boom lift rental business can be a lucrative undertaking. However, there are numerous boom lift rental companies that you have to compete against.

Offering services that are unique and differentiated from competitors will work to your advantage and give you a competitive edge; consequently, you can create a loyal customer base. The surest way to grow your boom lift rental firm is by staying in touch with the latest advancements in boom lift design. This write-up explores the latest innovations in this regard. 

Lift Tools Installer -- When skyscrapers, theatres, malls, sports courts and other commercial facilities owners want to hang banners, signs and décor, then boom lifts are the go-to machines. Since decorative ornamentations are hung on fixed bars, the entire process can be time-consuming. For instance, when a mall's management intends to hang several banners across the high ceiling, metal bars are welded before hanging the decorations.

The lift tool installer is a new boom lift accessory that simplifies the process. The device allows for easy, accurate and efficient placement of banners and signs through sliding tracks two trolleys. For operation, the installer is fastened on the boom lift railing then raised to the required height before being fixed in place. By utilising the trolleys and sliding track, workers on the ground can slide the banners onto the installer. Importantly, the lift tool installer saves a considerable amount of time.

Fall Arrest Bar -- Observing safety when working at heights is a legal requirement that boom lift operators must comply with. However, some projects increase the risk of falling objects and boom operator need an elevated platform to work. In such instances, a fall arrest bar is essential. It is a detachable bar that is set on the rail guard of a boom lift platform. It consists of a horizontal sliding track where an operator attaches the lanyard. Consequently, the accessory eliminates the need to constantly connect and detach the lanyard, thereby allowing an operator to move outside and around the platform with ease. Stoking the fixture will attract more customers.

Reverse Safety Feature -- Due to the hazards of working at high points, operators need a fast way of ensuring safety. The reverse safety feature on boom lifts offers a quick-reaction safety solution for emergency cases. The safety feature consists of a bolted wire rope that attaches to an opposing magnet. When the magnet detaches, all operations on the boom lift automatically stop and the equipment begins to reverse and lower. The feature is essential during emergencies where swift safety response is desired.

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