How to Pick the Right Air Conditioner for Your Commercial Building

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Looking to buy a commercial air conditioner? There are so many different options available for you to choose from. But you can't settle for just any air conditioning system. Here are some critical things to consider before making a final decision. 

Cooling capacity

If you want to keep your commercial space cool and comfortable throughout the year, you'll need to install a correctly sized air conditioning system. Commercial air conditioners are generally larger in size than their residential counterparts. This is because they're typically used to cool larger commercial and industrial spaces. So, you'll need to skip the residential air conditioner product range when you're shopping for your commercial building.

In determining a properly sized unit for your commercial space, consider things like the square footage of the space you want to cool, number and size of windows, the amount of insulation, and availability of heat sources such as kitchens. Once you determine the overall cooling load of your commercial space, you'll need to choose an air conditioner that matches it in terms of cooling capacity. If you need help choosing the right size system, consult a local commercial HVAC technician.

Power requirements

As you know, air conditioners run on electricity. When picking an air conditioning system for your commercial space, you'll need to consider its power requirements. The power requirement of your air conditioning unit should equal or be less than the voltage range of your commercial building. If you need to use an air conditioner that requires a higher voltage, you might have to consult your electricity supplier first. 

Method of distribution

Another important factor to consider when shopping for a commercial air conditioner is how the conditioned air from your system will be distributed. If you already have ductwork in your commercial building, installing a ducted system makes good sense, as it means you can take advantage of existing infrastructure. If you don't have ductwork, you can install a ductless system. But you'll need to make sure the air handlers are strategically placed to allow proper circulation of cool air.

Choosing the right air conditioning system for your commercial space is vital for keeping employees and customers cool and comfortable. It is also important for minimising energy costs by ensuring the cooling equipment is efficient. The best way to choose a good commercial air conditioner is to review the many options available to you with a local HVAC technician.

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