Factors That Are Driving The Demand For Car Lifts In Private Homes

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If you have been selling and installing car lifts primarily to commercial customers such as garage condominiums, then it is time to shift your focus and explore the market private property owners. Notably, car lift installation in homes, apartments, and condos is no longer a futuristic phenomenon. More property owners are adding en-suite garages to their homes which presents favourable business prospects. To take full advantage of the opportunity, however, you must understand the factors that drive the demand for car lifts in the private property sector.

Demand for Luxury Garages 

While the standard for a luxury home might include a kitchen with elegantly polished stone counters and a private theatre room, owners of high-end apartments and condos are also increasingly demanding luxury garages. Over the years, garages have transformed from utilitarian spaces to some of the coldest areas in the real estate market. To create that wow factor, property owners are including car elevators in their homes as an essential feature. After all, there is arguably no better way for someone to wow guests with a car lift that allows them to park their car in the lounge room. Most importantly, property owners that are looking to add luxury garages in their homes offer a lucrative market.

Love for Collector and Luxury Cars 

One reason why Australians are buying more luxury cars than ever is that of the prestige that comes with owning one. Such customers do not mind showing off their expensive collection of vehicles to their friends and circles. With the emergence of car lifts in private homes and apartments, car enthusiasts have realised that they can show off their luxury and collector cars without leaving the comfort of their living room. Just like art collectors, luxury car owners don't want to keep their collections locked out of sight in garages. Therefore, luxury car lovers are renovating their garages by transforming them into in-suite garages with car lifts being a significant feature.

Limited Parking Space 

There is only so much space that one can use for a garage. Garage space becomes a limiting factor to car enthusiasts that seem to add to their collection of cars every few years. One practical solution to the problem is the installation of underground parking. With the help of car lifts, property owners can park their cars under their lawns or the driveway with relative ease. The ingenious idea is creating good business for car lift installation contractors.

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