4 Things To Look For In A Mining Substations Provider

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Mining substations provide the power and voltage supply you need to keep your machines running. Specifically, substations designed for mining purposes need to be of high quality. The harsh nature of many mining environments demands durability, portability and high performance from mining substations.

To get this quality equipment, you should identify and work with quality equipment providers. It can be challenging to find a mining substation provider who only supplies the best quality equipment. To make your work easier, here are four important things you should look for in a mining substations provider.

1. Professional service that includes both mining and electrical expertise

While out shopping for a high voltage electrical equipment provider, you should look for companies that specialise in both mining and electrical equipment. Many mining machines consume high voltage and require a reliable supply of electricity. In fact, even a high-quality substation may not perform up to standards without enough voltage.

By finding a provider who specialises in both the mining and electrical industries, you can essentially kill two birds with one stone.

2. Quality of the substation components

Whether looking for a portable or stationary substation, the individual components of the substation itself should be of high quality. From the outer materials used to design its structure to internal electrical components like transformers, ensure that your service provider uses quality components to design the final product for use.

Remember that mining applications will exert a lot of wear and tear on your substation. If its build quality and internal machinery are weak, the substation is likely to break down. Furthermore, you should also look for substation providers who design their products to meet regulatory requirements and the individual needs of your mining application.

3. Accessibility of the substation provider

When looking for an equipment provider, searching locally is always a good place to start. The substation provider should be easily accessible in case you need maintenance services or extra capacity on the mining site. With a timely response to equipment issues, your project is more likely to stay on course and to achieve your intended goals.

On the other hand, substation providers who are far away may take more time to arrive at the site and address any equipment issues.

4. Expertise and experience

Mining substations are highly specialised machines. To get the best results for your project, you should only work with experienced professionals who understand their equipment and can provide the necessary support services to keep them running. The service provider may need to keep a team of electricians, transformer winders, switchgear staff and engineers to help with offering quality services.

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