Finding the Right Industrial Yard Brooms and Using Them Correctly

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When you regularly clean outdoor areas, finding a decent broom makes your task much easier. In addition to finding one that does the job, it's useful to learn the basics of using one.

Wide brooms for covering large areas

Wide brooms are an excellent choice when you need to move large volumes of light debris and garden waste. They can reach up to 92 inches in terms of brush width, which means you can use them to move quickly. Although wide industrial yard brooms move a lot of mess at once, they're not the best choice for a refined job. If you're aiming for a supremely clean finish, couple yours with one that has a smaller head, as they're better for reaching the areas between paving stones and sweeping from corners.

Block paving brushes for dirt that's difficult to move

Block braving brushes don't sit at a right angle, unlike other brooms. They also feature bristles made from extra coarse and durable materials, with the aim of making them adept at scrubbing moss and dirt that's difficult to move. Both the angle and the bristles make it difficult to apply a lot of pressure, but you can overcome this by aiming for as narrow a head as possible. 

Brooms with bassine bristles for tackling fine dust

If you want to move finer pieces of dust or straw that have left a barn or stable, aim for a broom with natural bassine bristles. Although bassine bristles are still firm, they're also lightweight enough to flick dust backwards, allowing you to achieve an effective clean. Bassine bristles are excellent for everyday cleaning and are usually lightweight enough to use routinely without making yourself tired.

All-purpose brooms with scraping edges

When you don't need to engage in too much heavy cleaning and you're also short of space, choosing an all-purpose broom could work in your favour. It's worth noting that these brooms are better at shifting light dirt than they are tackling heavy dirt, which means they're not as tough as wide brooms. However, their lightweight design means you can comfortably use one for extended periods and a scraping edge makes it easy for you to refresh the bristles as you go along. To make sure yours doesn't exert too much friction against your hands, choose one with a plastic handle.

In the pursuit of finding the right industrial yard brooms, always consider your comfort as well as its purpose. With both factors at play, you can make a buying decision that's an excellent fit.

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