Reasons Your Construction Business May Need a Compressor Hire

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As a contractor and construction business owner, you likely have a list of equipment that you rent as needed. One of the items that should be on your list for an equipment hire is an air compressor. If you already have an electric-powered compressor, you may be wondering why you would need to have a compressor hire in mind. Here are a few reasons your construction business may need a compressor hire, even when you have compressors in your equipment stock.

Diesel Backup

When you think about a backup for your current compressors, you may think of generators. Though you can go with a generator hire, there might be times when power will be out for an extended time. If this is the case, your first option could be a diesel engine backup. These compressors run on fuel power rather than an external power resource. The issue is the price and that it may be outside your company budget. By having a compressor or equipment hire in mind that carries diesel compressors, you can be prepared for these power outage situations without having delays in the project.

Remote Locations

You will likely have jobs that are located in remote areas. For example, you may have a job that takes you and your crew to homesteads located in rural areas where a steady stream of electrical power is not always available. These jobs are usually newly developed properties where power lines have not yet been run. If this is the case, you will need a compressor hire to help with backup compressors that are solar based or work with solar-powered generators. The equipment hire you choose can help you with the various options they have that work with different remote and rural locations well.

Alternative Power Sources

In some cases, it is not the compressor you need but the power source alternative. You may already have solar generators for other equipment, but if those generators are spoken for, then a new one may be necessary for certain projects. With that in mind, your compressor hire can help with the right alternative power sources for backup power and the compressors you already have. These sources can range from fuel-based to solar and may be able to run multiple compressors efficiently for larger projects.

These are just a few of the reasons your construction business may need a compressor hire. If you think that these reasons apply to your business, contact your local compressor or equipment hire. They can answer questions about their rental process as well as what items are in stock and pricing. They can also answer questions about delivery and extended rental contracts.

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